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So. well. said. You articulate truths that resonate. One of my recollections while reading this was that once upon a time when I watched the earliest few seasons of 'Survivor' my choices for the winners all came in second. They were slightly less ruthless and more self-aware, and I began to think of 'second place' as the 'true winner' because their moral compass was working better than the first-place finisher.

What we truly need in this society is more people being lauded for their 'winning' attributes that are worthy of attention, publication, and prizes. We need a collaborative model wherein each person is praised for their efforts, process, promise, product, instead of an elimination model that finds 'one' top-best-above-the-rest. Exclusion sucks.

Inclusive narrative awards written about participants in a competition will place the burden on judges instead of focusing our attention on the ways in which people 'lack' what it takes to meet the judges' standards.

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Reading this made me realize that I've migrated to not keeping score. Place, to me, matters not. Not at 62. My company posts a "Leader Board" for sales success and I've never looked at it; not once. How I rate does so little to boost happiness or any other metric that matters to me.

I'm a big pickleball player but I have no interest in tournaments. All my friends can't believe it but it just doesn't appeal. I've stayed competitive and will fight to win a game with the best of them. But it's the game itself, not my place.

But I know it does to you, Grant, and probably to most others. (It's so American) I'm reminded of your piece on your "steps" goal. So good, I guess we are all different.

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