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I'm in NYC, but when I return next week, I plan to purchase two of your books. Can I buy them from you?

I love that you wear a specific hat relative to each new book you have written. Do you ever switch hats during the process?

I am working on an Ekphrastic-inspired piece. I plan to have three segments. I begin the tale with the Romani gypsy I call Lilac Lady. I draped an airy lilac scarf around my neck when writing; we became one.

Your newsletter is inspirational. Thank you.

Gratefully, Meredyth Lillejord

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I love your lilac scarf process! I do sometimes switch hats (whatever serves the mood I want to be in). Thank you so much for your interest in my books. I guide people to Bookshop.org because a percentage of every sale goes to an independent bookstore. Here's a link: https://bookshop.org/shop/grantfaulkner. Thanks so much! And good luck with your Ekphastic-inspired piece!

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